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Top Collective is a pop up shop and design network geared towards fellow die heart, dance music lovers. Now in the 4th year of popping up shop at electronic music festivals and events, Top began in Tuscany, while founder Camille Stone was working in the techno scene in Italy. After returning back to Canada, Top Collective continued the journey within the local dance and festival scene in Toronto as a go to stop for festival fashion.

Top Collective’s mission is to curate and create quality pieces of art meant to be worn on the body, and the providing tools for creative self expression.

Electric Blue Faux Septum

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Electric Blue Faux Septum


Electric Blue Faux Septum


Why commit to the real thing when you can have the pleasure without the pain? This faux septum ring is easy to stretch and tighten as it is made of aluminum. It is light weight and super comfortable to wear (even more than the harder metal ones!) 
Handmade in Toronto.

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