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Top Collective is a pop up shop and design network geared towards fellow die heart, dance music lovers. Now in the 4th year of popping up shop at electronic music festivals and events, Top began in Tuscany, while founder Camille Stone was working in the techno scene in Italy. After returning back to Canada, Top Collective continued the journey within the local dance and festival scene in Toronto as a go to stop for festival fashion.

Top Collective’s mission is to curate and create quality pieces of art meant to be worn on the body, and the providing tools for creative self expression.


Photo by Elephant Studio   

Photo by Elephant Studio


Contributors & Collaborators:

From Toronto:

Montina Hussey Creative collaborator, model and co-designer. See her work here.

Jordan Chalom Independent photographer. See his work here.

Jaclyn Wilson The Jax Effect, photographer and videographer. See her work here.

Tim Sandik (Ded Pixel) & Alec Luna Donnell photographers and co-owners of Ded Agency.

Joel Stedy Levy photographer and videographer. See his work here.

From Italy:

Jonata Cantelli (Italian) Co-Captain, Organizer & Interviewer

Thomas Pizzinga of Elephant Studio (Italian) Video operator, editing & Motion Graphic designer. See Elephant Studio's work here.

Madlene India Sabin of Elephant Studio (Italian) VJ, Visual artist & Graphic designer. See Elephant Studio's work here.

Andres Escalante (Venezuelan) Photographer. 

Montina Hussey (Canadian) Artist. See Montina's Art

Heyna Helman (Indonesian) Photographer, Makeup Artist, Filmmaker, Animator & Illustrator. See Heyna's work here.

Raissa Damergi (French) Photographer. Check out her gallery here. 

Photo by Alec Luna Donnell of Ded Agency at Electric Island

Photo by Alec Luna Donnell of Ded Agency at Electric Island

TOP COLLECTIVE - At Top Collective, we believe that fashion holds meaning within our reality. It is a reflection of our everyday life, our past and our future. Where self expression and consciousness are the roots from which all creative projects grow. It is one of the greatest forms of self expression. Our mission is to curate and create quality pieces of art meant to be worn on the body. This site is the place where art and design meet commerce.

Top Collective is also a pop up shop and vibe squad, gathering the coolest people we know. We love bringing people together and creating moments of joy. We also love music festivals and any opportunity to dress up in character. We think festivals are one of the best places to show up fully self-expressed. It is also a place to connect with our fellow music loving citizens. After all, music connects the people...and we love happy, self-expressed people. We provide the tools for that expression.

 Camille Stone is the founder of Top Collective. Raised in Muskoka, Canada she has always had a deep sense of curiosity towards self expression and style. Her professional life developed in Toronto as a jewellery product developer and commercial stylist. She then studied art and design in Florence, Italy, and planted down roots into the Florentine creative community and Italian techno scene, the foundations from which the aesthetic of Top Collective was born. Soon after launching her accessory collection, she was offered a Summer long resident pop up shop at Tini Soundgarden in Tuscany, where she sold her accessories to festival goers and interviewed Internationally renowned DJs.

Now, Camille lives back in Toronto where she transplanted Top, and continues to pop up shop at festivals and events in Toronto. Her passion for the music and arts scene continues to flourish as she works to profile and promote artists. 

Shot by Jordan Chalom

Shot by Jordan Chalom

Shot by Madlene India Sabin

Shot by Madlene India Sabin